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Jersey shore fire was caused by murder and suicide

Investigators confirmed their earlier suspicions of murder and suicide after a house in Long Branch, New Jersey was put on fire. LONG BRANCH, N.J. — A man fatally shot...

British Prime Minister counterpart David Cameron arrives to a joint press statement with his Portuguese counterpart at St. Bento Palace in Lisbon on September 4, 2015. AFP PHOTO/ JOSE MANUEL RIBEIROJOSE MANUEL RIBEIRO/AFP/Getty Images

Cameron: Britain will resettle “thousands” of refugees

Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron stated that his country will help Syrian refugees in a speaking engagement in Lisbon, Cameron. Prime Minister David Cameron...


The chimp planned its attack on a drone per researchers

A chimp in The Netherlands actually planned to attack a drone used to film a zoo, according to impressed researchers. In April, a chimp in The Netherlands took down a...

power law

The new law of nature is called the Power Law

The Power law, a new law of nature is a surprising revelation of a new Canadian study on the predator-prey relationship. A lush savannah teeming with zebras, gazelles...


Scientists still puzzled on death of 60K antelopes

Scientists still could not believe as to how 60,000 critically endangered antelopes hit the whole population with mass death. Back in May, an already critically...


Truvada is 100% effective, according to new study

The blue pill Truvada, an HIV prevention drug, was surprisingly 100 percent effective, according to Kaiser Permanente’s recent study in San Francisco. As far as...


Mark Pollock walked with “robotic exoskeleton”

Paralyzed Mark Pollock was able to experience walking, thanks to the expertice of UCLA scientist Professor Edgerton and his team. In an extraordinary feat of will and...

labor market

US labor market in better condition than job growth

According to the US Labor Department report, the labor market is in good shape compared to the poor figures of the job growth in August. U.S. job growth slowed in...

new jersey

Small plane crashed on a NJ recreation field, 2 hurt

A 1978 Cessna Skyhawk crashed on a recreation field in New Jersey late Thursday before a practice, hurting two people aboard. Authorities say a small plane has...


Recall expansion on Kraft singles due to packaging issues

The recall on Kraft Singles is expanded because of the packaging film that affected 10 times as many cases as it initially reported. Kraft Heinz is expanding a recall of...