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ice cream

Science can make your ice cream better with BslA

Scotland researchers have found Biofilm surface level A or BslA to be a possible ingredient for a better ice cream. Want a lower-fat, melt-resistant ice cream that can...


Young adults at risk of heart events, diabetes due to coffee

Young adults are most likely at high risk to experience cardiovascular events and diabetes because of too much coffee drinking. LONDON, Sept. 1 (UPI) — Young...

old men

Adult bicycle injuries sharply rose in the US

The number of injuries related to adult bicycling has risen sharply in the United States according to a new study. (Reuters Health) – Between 1998 and 2013, adult...

Isthminia panamensis

Scientists discovered new river dolphin species

Smithsonian scientists have discovered a new and rare river dolphin species that lived more than 5.8 million years ago. Smithsonian scientists have discovered the...


DeAndre Jordan parted ways with agents, to re-sign with Clippers

DeAndre Jordan has decided to part ways with his agents and to re-sign with the Clippers instead of joining Mavericks. The roller coaster ride that was DeAndre...


Google presents its new logo on the search page

Google has changed its logo on the search page with the clip from the old symbol to the new one. Nope, this isn’t some special one-day doodle. The Google logo is...


Dow Jones average dropped 300 points amid China woes

The Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged down by 300 points during Tuesday’s trade as investors fear China’s slowdown in economy. Here we go again. Stocks...


President Obama condemns violence against officers

President Barack Obama expresses condolences and condemns violence against officers as a deputy sheriff was shot and killed on Friday. President Obama called the widow...


DeKalb County officer possibly shot by another officer

The DeKalb County police officer was possibly shot by another officer, not the homeowner, according to Georgia Bureau of Investigation. DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. —...


Pope Francis adds Central Park in his NY itinerary

Pope Francis will travel through the Central Park during his New York City visit this month according to city announcement. Pope Francis will take a spin through Central...