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Forbes building satellite office in Manhattan

Forbes is returning to Manhattan — at least for a party space. The business publication got a surprise when CEO Mike Perlis revealed this week that the company now...


Carrie Reynolds out as Nylon's president of revenue

Carrie Reynolds, who joined in March from bridal publisher XO Group, is out as Nylon’s president of revenue. An insider said she quietly left about two weeks ago....


The middle-finger emoji is finally here, but only if you have Windows 10

It’s an Internet breakthrough that will change the way we communicate. The day when you can flip the virtual bird is here. The release of Windows 10 has given us...


Real-life R2-D2 to help disabled people

AP AP AP YOKOHAMA, Japan — Toyota’s new robot that glides around like R2-D2 is devoted to a single task: picking things up. HSR, short for “human support...


Mark Zuckerberg and wife expecting baby girl, open up about miscarriages

Billionaire Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his physician wife are expecting a baby girl, the happy couple announced — where else? — on Facebook. And the...


The world's strangest unsolved plane mysteries

Plane debris that could possibly be linked to missing Flight MH370 has been discovered washed up on the beach of a remote island in the Indian Ocean, officials revealed...


Man calls police after his girlfriend let their cat eat his bacon

He didn’t have a cat in hell’s chance of getting cops to arrest his feline — for eating his bacon! A man called West Yorkshire police in England to complain that...


4 ways to break your diet soda addiction in a week

Sure, diet soda isn’t the sugar-and-calorie bomb of regular soda, but it’s not exactly harmless either. “Not only is there little evidence that diet...


For the love of God, stop dressing like crap

Kylie Jenner may have been wearing a classy “Eat Me Out” T-shirt, but at least she wasn’t at the theater. Small blessings, right? Tell that to the slobs who turn...


The 8 best celeb lips and how to get the look

Yes, there is a day for everything — even lipstick. In honor of National Lipstick Day, pump up your pout by taking a cue from these celebs — and then re-create the...