Goodbye Prison! Gucci Mane Is Few Months Away From Release

Alt:"Goodbye Prison! Gucci Mane Is Few Months Away From Release"Turns out Gucci Mane may be heading home sooner than expected. Apparently, prison officials had not done their math properly. Instead of waiting for next year, the rapper will be released come September, 2016. Gucci was arrested after he violated his probation terms.

According to his probation release terms, he was not to carry a gun for any purpose or in any situation. Unfortunately for him, he was caught at one point in 2013 carrying a gun, a violation that saw him sentenced to thirty nine months behind bars.

He was first taken to a prison in Georgia only to be later moved to a federal jail. Through his lawyers, Mane argued in court that his sentence was not properly calculated. According to the documents he filed, his sentence is supposed to end this September if you calculate the time he served in a Georgia prison plus the time he has served in the federal prison. A judge agrees.

According to the judge, the Bureau of Prisons needed had their math wrong. The judge said it was indeed an error that needed to be corrected. Counting from December 2013 when he started serving his time, his 39 months end in just a few months time.

Gucci Mane Valentine’s Gift

The news comes a few days after Gucci fans celebrated him from prison. The rapper turned 36 last Friday. It looks like his birthday this year came bearing gifts. It is probably the best valentine season he has had since his arrest in 2013.

Earlier this year, Gucci’s 1017 label made an announcement on the subject of his release. They said they were expecting him to be released from federal prison in March 2017. The label later retracted the announcement. Now, fans will be waiting for the next announcement that the label makes regarding the new developments regarding his prison sentence.

It will also be remembered that 1017 had a year ago tweeted Gucci’s prison information. The tweet included the rapper’s mailing address as well as his release date. Gucci official name is Radric Davis. In addition to music, he has also appeared in several movies including Grind or Die, Spring Breakers, Rap Hustlin’ and Beef 4.



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