Taylor Swift’s Brother Teaches Kanye West a Lesson – Best Revenge Video Ever

Alt:"Taylor Swift’s Brother Teaches Kanye West a Lesson – Best Revenge Video Ever"From today henceforth, Kanye West will probably have to think twice before saying anything against Taylor Swift. This is after Taylor Swift’s brother responded to Kanye West’s lyrics that are not the nicest things to say about a successful singer of Taylor Swift’s caliber. The response that Austin Swift gave to Kanye West is so impressive; brothers should learn a thing or two about how to defend their sisters when they are being bullied. Austin’s revenge for his big sister will electrify you.

This is how it all went down. Kanye West has apparently included some lyrics about Taylor White in his new song “Famous”. He played the new album, including “Famous” at his fashion show. One of the offensive things about the lyrics is that Kanye West is seen as trying to take credit for the big deal that Taylor Swift has become.

No one can forget the MTV Video Music Awards as Taylor Swift gave her acceptance speech. This is the incident that the rapper is talking about in his song. He interrupted her and made a scene when she was glorying in her moment. It has been quite clear that the two found a way to move on beyond that incident, but this latest push by Kanye might not sit well with the popular singer. And even before Taylor Swift could respond, her younger brother Austin has come to her rescue. Austin decided to respond to the negative lyrics by posting a video on his Instagram page. And yes, this has to be the finest revenge video we have seen.

Getting a head start on some spring cleaning. Here we go again.

A video posted by Austin Swift (@austinkingsleyswift) on

Humiliating Kanye West

In the video clip, Austin happily whispers around as he walks about his room. He swiftly (pun intended) walks to the closet and pulls out a pair of sneakers with Kanye West’s Yeezy logo. He beautifully takes the Yeezy sneakers and throws them outside. Yeezy is part of a fashion line owned by the rapper.

Taylor Swift is yet to say what she thinks about her brother’s impressive revenge clip. But we are quite sure she feels lucky to know that her brother has her back. This is the true definition of supporting family.



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